Gwinnett Church

Gwinnett Church is the newest campus of North Point Ministries. The unique challenge at Gwinnett Church is they are sharing a facility with another congregation prior to building their own permanent facility.

Pendley Productions was asked to design an audio system for the student room that would use some existing gear already owned by the church but also incorporate new gear that could be used in the temporary space and then transition with growth to a permanent facility. ivermectin dose in india

As growth continues, Pendley Productions is confident the solutions that were implemented will serve the needs of the church which maximizes the investment not only in the short term but for years to come. is ivermectin effective on roundworms

“Pendley Productions provides incredible wisdom in this area and helped advise us throughout the process. ivermectin for tapeworms in dogs Their attention to detail left us with an outstanding buildout.”

Al Causey, Director of Family Ministries
North Point Ministries