Grace Midtown Church

Grace Midtown began in August of 2005 in the heart of Atlanta, GA about two blocks from Georgia Tech. What began with just a few dozen college students grew to the point that it was time for them to find a new home.

In June of 2012 Grace Midtown contacted Pendley Productions to begin designing the new worship space for their new property in Midtown Atlanta. ivermectin paste 1.87 dosage for humans The property contained several warehouse buildings which created obstacles when it came to production.

The first obstacle was a very low ceiling height. With Grace’s high energy worship style, they needed to reach concert audio levels however, there was limited space to install loudspeakers without being visually intrusive in the space. As a result, Pendley Productions designed a loudspeaker system that was able to be flown tightly against the ceiling and provide excellent coverage and sound quality throughout the room. is ivermectin revolution for rabbits

Another obstacle was the need to maximize as much space in the room for the congregation as possible. With limited available space to add equipment rooms or large technical booths, Pendley Productions designed a system that was extremely compact and able to fit into the provided space.

Pendley Productions was able to provide Grace Midtown Church Audio, Video, and Theatrical Lighting Systems that will allow them to continue to reach college students around Atlanta for years to come. comprar stromectol 3 mg

“I’m so impressed with Pendley Productions! They really took the time to listen to our needs and tailor a plan we could afford. We will definitely use Pendley Productions again.”

Carrie Wheeler, Director of Worship
All Souls Fellowship